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Adara Growth

Anti-Hair Loss and Growth Power Trio 16 OZ. - 32 OZ.

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Maintain growth with Adara Growth Hair Growth Serum Anti-Loss and Growth Dropper. Formulated from vitamins and organic extracts of rosemary, ginger roots, cinnamon that help prevent excessive hair loss, strengthening the growth of the hair strand.

Contains biocapigen, which reduces hair loss and strengthens its vigor. Promotes cell metabolism, improves oxygen consumption of hair cells, stimulates microcirculation in the scalp, reduces the sensation of oily hair, revitalizes hair fibers, improves the appearance of dry and brittle hair. Reduces dandruff, the itching sensation and modulates sebaceous secretion.

 The anti-loss and growth dropper is designed in the form of liquid ampoules, without oils and without chemicals. After washing the hair with rosemary, cinnamon and ginger shampoo, and growth conditioning mask, apply the dropper to the entire scalp, massaging lightly with circular movements to promote the activation of blood circulation and thus obtain the greatest penetration of the product .

Can be used as a pre-shampoo and after light hair, it is a thicker heat protection. It can be used daily at night.

Rosemary: improves scalp circulation, hair strengthening, dandruff reduction, hair conditioning. Ginger: promotes hair growth. Avoid dandruff. Strengthens the hair. Improves the health of the scalp. Cinnamon: promotes growth. Avoid dandruff. Conditions the hair. Protects against environmental damage. Treatment for loss and recovery of damaged hair. Shampoo, mask and dropper.

 How to use it 

Step 1: Wash the hair with the anti-loss and grow-out shampoo at least two times; then remove with plenty of water. Step 2 – Apply the Hair Loss & Regrowth Mask and for best results place a plastic cap on and heat in the dryer for 10 minutes. Then remove with plenty of water, preferably at room temperature, to help seal the thread. Step 3 – Apply dropper directly to scalp before rolling or blow-drying and leave on. To help smooth hair, apply a leave-in of preference.